Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Getting Out - Talk It Out!

I am previously engaged with a work meeting, otherwise, tomorrow night at 7:30, I'd be at the West Hollywood Library, talking to a group of gays, and others, about the FEAR OF BEING SINGLE.  I checked the list of topics for discussion tomorrow and they all seem to be things I cover here in my dead blog.  Topics like:

Do you think single people are incomplete?
Does relationship status define men in the gay community?
What are the benefits to being single?
Are you currently in the best relationship status for you? (whether single or coupled?)
...and more

I encourage you to go, it is open to the public.
You can get all the info you need HERE

Go to talk and maybe meet someone, or at least enjoy the fabulous West Hollywood Library!
The talk is hosted by TRIBE - WeHo Gay Men's Discussion Group

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