Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - I'm A Little Blue

Okay, so I had my night of fun, and while I would probably enjoy washing dishes with my Nekked Play Pal and I enjoyed our time together, I'm still a little blue.  You see, I took the little pill to entice Abe Froman (my boner for yous that haven't been keeping up...) to stay for the entire play time.  One is supposed to take it thirty minutes to an hour prior to nekked frolicking.  Since my Nekked Play Pal was my supplier, I had to wait 'til he got to me for me to take it.  I swallowed it while he was in the shower and waited anxiously for Abe Froman to show up screaming, "Here I am to save the gay!!", but he sure took his sweet time.  My squeaky clean Nekked Play Pal was soon on top of me and I was torn between enjoying the attention he was pouring all over me and worrying that Abe Froman hadn't even seen his Facebook event invite and wouldn't show.  Suddenly, Abe Froman was there, as if he'd just come from the gym, all hard and strong and I was free to enjoy all the excitement.  I felt like I hadn't felt in years.  Abe Froman and I were best friends again!  Then, I guess he went to get a drink, because I realized he wasn't there.  Then he came back, but then left again.  When my Nekked Play Pal's attention turned to Abe Forman, it was like Abe was there, but watching GAME OF THRONES on t.v.  I said to my neked play pal, "Let's give it a little more time".  I wasn't sure exactly how long it had been since I took it, but I was sure it had been over half an hour.  I started wishing that Abe Froman could be a more reliable friend.  So finally, Abe Froman was there, at full attention and we got busy, again with me torn between enjoying myself with the physical & emotional sensations, and worrying that Abe Froman would leave me again.  That's when I panicked and a sped things up, anxious all the while that I'd go all soft.  My Nekked Play Pal had a very, very nice moment and I breathed a sigh of relief.  I didn't even go for my nice moment, letting making it through with full Abe Froman be enough.  We shared a lovely after-play period talking and laughing and kissing, with Abe Froman checking in once in a while, then we kissed goodbye.

I had heard that the pill would affect Abe Froman for a few days,"Get you through the weekend",  I was told.  Well, the next night, I attended a birthday party at which I met someone I took an immediate liking to, whom, it turned out, liked me me, too!  It was very nice to finally have someone I thought was very attractive like me in return.  We liked each other so much, we excused ourselves to a room, where we explored further physical attractions.  Again, Abe Froman was very sketchy and at the key moment, he wasn't all there.  I panicked.  Luckily, we were interrupted and the exploration immediately ended.  We both agreed that we would prefer to have a proper date and then do more exploring in an actually private place.   So, while I'm ecstatic that I got a date, I am still worried that even with the help of the little blue pill, I can't count on Abe Froman to stay with me in important moments.   I guess this should be the impetus for me to lose weight, or get healthy enough to have sex without anxiety.  The real question now is, will I choose laziness over healthy sex with the hot hunky guy who likes me?  I don't know either, folks, I'm just as curious as I hope you are!

P.S.  To further add to my confusion & frustration, Abe Froman is with me every morning and night for daily work outs, so I don't know what his problem is!  Oh my God, what if even my own boner is losing interest in me?

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  1. Doesn't sound like ED to me, sounds like anxiety! You prob is not getting a boner, it is keeping one when your thoughts invade the party.