Tuesday, February 9, 2016

This Is Why I Am Single - My Kiss Is Not On Their List

Well it happened again!  I was totally left off of the Out 100 Most Eligible Bachelors list!
How the heck am I supposed to not die alone if these gay publications refuse to list me as an eligible bachelor?  Okay, I was once part of Frontiers Magazine's Eligible Bachelors, but I only got one response, which I didn't see until a year and a half later because he responded through Facebook and that program put his message in the "other" file, which no one knows exists until they see something like this and check their Facebook message options.  I did meet with that responder, who was quite nice, but young and not a love connection.  Actually, if you ever do see one of these local eligible bachelor things and there's one that you find remotely attractive or interesting, please send them a message.  It takes a bit of bravery to agree to have yourself put out there like that and while I'm grateful that I didn't get any troll messages, not getting even one response is a little disheartening.   It really did give me a boost when I found that one message a year and a half later!

Now, the fellas listed in the Out Magazine feature, didn't have to agree to be a part of it, so feel free to ignore every single one of them!  I, myself, am partial to a few of them that I have met or am friends with...
Billy Porter
I met him once,
Energetic, a nut (in the best way possible)
and talented- 
I also saw him in KINKY BOOTS.

Drew Droege;
I've performed with him many times
ALWAYS-kind, generous, self-assured, hilarious.
Someone with the talent to back up Diva behavior that he never exhibits.
I find him very inspirational

Wilson Cruz
besides being an obvious hottie,
Wilson is a sweet heart.
We've been acquainted for years
and whether we're at the same party or sharing the sidewalk
he's always good for a big smile and hug.
I mean a real hug, too- like vice grip!

There you have it, my picks from Out's list and I congratulate them for being included.
They are very swell and it's a nice list but, This Is Why I Am Single; 
Every National Gay Publication refuses to put me on their Most Eligible Bachelor list!
Thanks for trying, Frontiers...

Even though you won't find me there, you can see the bachelors and vote for you favorite HERE

WAIT! Maybe I'm not clear on what "elegible" means...

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