Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Full Pooch Testing

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of dogsitting two little cuties, Scooper & Princes Luau
(Not their real names, but really close).
It was quite a treat to come home from work and have these cuties yammering for me from their kitchen confinement as I walked in.  I lifted them up & out and recieved my well anticipated kisses.
It was nice having the weight of other little bodies on the bed as we lay down to sleep and cuddle as the morning proved chilly with an overnight dose of air conditioning.  I got to see more of my neighbors as I took the doggies out, three times a day for terlet fun & walkies.  I had a test run of what it would be like to have two of my own puppy pals full-time.  Honestly it was a delight.
...but not totally.  If I may be more honest, some things about it weren't all fun.  I did feel the sting of waking up earlier to add walkies to my morning routine, or the loss of extra sleep time on the weekend.  I didn't sleep as almost well as I usually almost, what with worrying that I'd roll over & squish one of my furry guests.  I missed lunch with my co-workers because I came home at lunch time for afternoon walkies.  I couldn't socially lolly-gag after work, since I had pups to get home to.  I would have preferred to plunk down on the sofa after work, but I had to walk a half a block to a park. AND back! While both of the girls are lovely, that Scooper is a rascal and very smart.  She figured out how to get their confinement gate down and the escaped, to have run of the place until I came home.  They didn't do any harm to anything, but she wanted me to know she could... if she wanted to!

Don't get me wrong, my very minor complaints are based in laziness and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them, but it did give me taste of full-time puppy daddyhood.  I felt the pressure of time, and my poor time managemnt and I don't think I'm ready for pups, yet.
I will say I'm a little closer to it, though.

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