Friday, September 4, 2015

Single Perks - Out & About

I'm reminiscing about the time I went to Madrid for my birthday
and now I have a hankering to travel somewhere that I've never been,
like Rio, Thailand or Bismarck, North Dakota! (one of my goals in life is to visit all of the United States and I've only got 10 to go- right down the middle of the country).
Being single, I have the advantage of just picking up and going when it suits me & my schedule alone!  That's right, I don't have to worry about a partner's work schedule or obligation to their dog from a previous relationship.  I don't have to take into consideration someone else's commitment to be in someone's wedding.  All I have to worry about is my DVR's recording capacity!

You've read me whine about the trials of traveling alone, but now, I've asked my friend Google about single gay travel, and a few things popped up!  One of the most promising is this one, They have taken the time to put something together for gay singles!  ...And while summer may be a soon-to-be memory, I can take off as soon as next week if I please, to squeeze myself in there!

Also, if I happen to end up in one of those places that has a naughty room in the bar, lucky me can take part with no worries of cheating because I'm single & free; them's the perks!

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