Monday, September 28, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - Cig Alert

I am all for truth! Usually I think truth is the most important thing, ever.
Now, I must confess that at times I can be worse than any evil Republican Spin Doctor when it comes to the truth about smoking.  I can't stand cigarette smoke!  I can't tell you how disapouinting it is to see a hottie, hot hot walking down the street, then see him pull out a cigarette.  I know it smacks of a cheesy Brooke Shields PSA, but that, in itself, is the truth; I HATE SMOKING and I'll drop any interest in a guy once I see him puff.  Sure, I have friends who smoke, but most of them are trying, or have tried to quit.  They know it's bad.  Aside from the health risks, it's just plain nasty.  I remember the days when smoking was allowed in restaurantrs and bars and when I returned from a simple lunch or night of a cocktails, my hair, clothing and skin would reek of cigarette smoke.  Is there a bigger turn off than being picked up for a date and being greeted by your suitor and a waft of cigarette stench as you open the car door?  Even if they are good about smoking only outside and keeping their hair and clothes fresh, you sometimes find out a guy smiokes when you're sharing your first, long, deep kiss.  It's like kissing an ashtray! (I love screaming that line like a hysterical Aunt Trudy.)
I can not support it and I cetrtainly won't date it.  Don't get me wrong, I don't hate smokers, in general.  Aside from those assholes who smoke like they are they only person in the world and blow smoke out of their mouths like they were King Long blowing Jessica Lange dry, or smoke while they are walking along a side walk, or dancing with a lit cigarette... actually doing anything with a lit cigarette other than smoking... smokers can be super nice folk.

Here's where my confession comes into play; I have altered my photgraphs so that a guy is not holding a cigarette.  I don't like to promote the idea that smoking is alright, because I don't think it is.  Surely, I think people should smoke if they want to, but has to be done in consideration of those who don't smoke.  I'm less judgy of people my age or older, but the kids younger than us should all know better, they had all the information and warnings.  I can only think they started smoking to be "cool".  I don't want to contribute to that mindset, so, if I have a pic of someone- especially if it's someone I think is terribly attractive, I will delete it or, as I did with this pic of my friend, Billy...

I removed the cigarette when I posted it on the Facebook.  Honestly, I feel like a hypocrite, what with my attitude toward censorship and truth, but I'd rather feel like that than feel like someone who contributed to another person's idea that smoking is "cool".  Here's the original shot...
...Billy is Hot, smoking is not.
This is why I am single; I'm perfectly fine turning down the advances of someone who smokes, even if I find them very atrractive.
(Alright, I haven't turned them ALL down, don't be crazy, sex is sex!
 ...but the kissing was gross!)  Right, Brooke?

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