Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Getting Out - Let Sleeping Wolf Fly

So, last night, in an effort to be less of a homebody and get out & mix it up, I left my home.
I braved the late night 9:00 pm start time and traveled to The Hotel Cafe where I watched Sleeping Wolf play some totally rockin' songs.

 I really enjoy their sound.  I went because my friend & Chico's Angels 3 castmate, Stacey Danger invited me.

My first instinct for any invitation on a week night is "say, no", but I had enjoyed the CD Stacey gave me (after finally getting my iTunes together on my Mac & new external hard drive!) so, I said yes.  I also used it as a kick off to getting out more. Besides, another fellow Chico's 3 alum was there, 

hunky, Josh Martin and his lovely wife, Svetlana.  It was a lovely evening.
Granted, this getting out thing would probably be more beneficial to me and my needs, if it was a specifically, or even a little bit.., gay event, but out is out right?
Besides, these awful pics I took with my phone show the band's not so hard to look at...

And, the guy in the dark corner on the other side of the post by stage, might have been giving me the flirty eyes...

or more likely, was trying to figure out how to turn off the flash on his phone camera...
Check out Sleeping Wolf, I think you'll enjoy their sound.
Right now, I'm really digging BLINDFOLD, GHOST, and AFTERGLOW.

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