Tuesday, September 22, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Goodbye Summer... for now

Meet "Andy"!
He's hard to keep up with,
even though he's imaginary!
Here he is rushing off to one of three
"Goodbye Summer" pool parties.
I told him I was only good for one and a half
at best.

He offered to come home with me 
when I pooped out, 
but I insisted that he go have fun.
So, he went to the third party
and I went home.
I fell asleep imediately once
I hit the bed for a nap.
I woke up about an hour later
with Andy rubbing what I thought was
suntan lotion on me...
but it wasnt sunny in our bedroom.
It was massage oil!
I got a got post pool nap rubdown
and we had a wet & wild time
of another sort!
Thanks, Andy! 

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