Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Avery's Wild Birthday

Last weekend I enjoyed celebrating my friend, Avery's birthday.
It was a lovely evening with snacks of all types and a full bar with two very nice bartenders
helping us with our drinks of choice (I opted for the Crisp Apple Angry Orchard Cider that I brought).

It was a good time, I caught up with some old friends and I met some new folk!

I forget how old Avery turned, but the candles seemed plentiful, but non-threatening.

Meanwhile, the two handsome bartenders kept everyone's spirits up!

Then there were the gifts...

Avery enjoyed the gift that I got him.  I enjoyed so much, I put it on my wishlist for MY birthday!

Then there was THAT gift... One of Avery's female friends got him a stripper

It was cheesy fun, and when the stripper cop asked for volunteers, I was forced to, if only because no one else seemed to want to participate.  I guess it was fun.

I guess.

And that was the night!
As a Gay of A Certain Age, I find that you're never too old to participate in cheesy burlesque with a nice, nearly naked man.  So, when a stripper asks for volunteers and he's standing with all his stuff out in the open, don't leave him hanging...

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