Friday, September 18, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - No Strings Attached

As of 9:25 pm, tonight, I have seen all ten of the PUPPET MASTER movies.

My affinity for these movies started in the 80's, then I forgot about them as the decades went by, 
but my interest was re-awakened when I discovered the entire collection on Hulu Plus.  I had no idea that they had continued the series through out the decades!  So, whenever I wanted a cheesy movie to watch I switched them on and had a good time.  So yes, instead of being out in a bar hunting for "The One", I stayed in and watched the final installment.  

I must admit, I was truly delighted watching our anti-hero/hero puppets battling the Nazi puppets,
it was well worth the evening in.
This Is Why I Am Single.

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