Sunday, December 13, 2015

Too Busy For Love - One In The Queue

The parties continue!  I really do enjoy seeing my friends and catching up with them.  I also enjoy seeing new guys and wondering if we'll ever be boyfriends one day.  I am fortunate to have such places to go!
I also did my show and it went well, despite stepping on a mic cable in my 7 inch heels, luckily I was able to roll my ankle with the shoe and not fall over or have the shoe fall off!

While I enjoy these social gatherings and performing, I can't wait for these obligations to be over because I have one in the queue!!  That's right.  Whilst dining with muh DAB, Glenn, I kept locking eyes with the very handsome guy behind him.  He had really beautiful eyes and a delightfully full beard.  It was hot, nerve racking and undeniable.  So, when I saw the waiter bring him his check, I stood up in the middle of Glenn's sentence, walked over to him, introduced myself and gave him my number.  He has since contacted me and we are interested in meeting up, but his schedule is like mine, at the moment.  The goal for me now is to not let this iron get cold.  

Even if this fizzles away, I am still proud of myself for my Gaychievement; actually getting up and making a move. 

I'd love to tell you more about it, but I'm too busy!!

But thanks for asking!

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