Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Memory - The Play Was the Thing

I really enjoy the holidays
and I absolutely enjoy my friends, 
the two together are just too much
and I feel very lucky to have them!
This is me, muh DAB, Dennis and my cousin, Tony
seven years ago.
We met up and enjoyed the seasonal decorations at the Americana in Glendale.
Dennis and I had just seen The Rainmaker at A Noise Within
and we've been enjoying shows there together ever since!
I love that Dennis enjoys all kinds of theatre
and that we are tight theatre buddies
as well as Die Alone Buddies!
Tony is married, 
so he can't be muh DAB.
He's fine as a cousin!

It's just at times like now
that I enjoy all the love I have coming at me
instead of worrying about the love
I may be missing.
As they say,
"Two in the hand is better than
one in the brambles"
...or something like that.

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