Friday, December 11, 2015

Too Busy For Love - Yule Tidal Wave

I'd love to go see that funny/scary Christmas movie with you, but I'm too busy!!
There's a Yuletidal wave of activity heading my way!  You see, I had my Office Holiday Party to go to, then I shot a little actory thing with a friend, then I had to rush off to a party...

After which, I had to scurry off to another party with completely different people and different shirt!

Then tomorrow I have a brunch, then rehearsal for a show, then another party, then I perform in Kay Sedia's Christmas show!

Sunday, I have another event or two, so I couldn't possibly join you at the movies.
But thanks for asking!

You can get tickets to Kay Sedia's show HERE
I'll be a guest at the Saturday 10:00 show- Dec 12

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