Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Snowballin'

While I am still in my home town in Texas, I am lucky enough to experience an old fashioned snow day, not seen in these parts much, at all.  It started on Saturday night, forcing the canceling of a friendly get together- leaving me and my hosts to pass the night with hot chocolate, in pajamas watching movies- literal Netflix & Chill.   This morning, we awoke to find almost a foot of snow had fallen.  I was very excited by it and decided I would go out and take photos of this rare site.

As I made my way around the neighborhood, I was struck by the beauty and saw this familiar area in a new light.  I had once considered buying a house here and regret that I didn't, a little bit.  I thought it would be weird to be paying for a house in Texas while paying rent for a place in L.A.  I just couldn't help wanting one of these adorable houses wrapped in a coat of snow to be mine.  Then, I started feeling wistful about having what my hosts, Ted & Eduardo have; a lovely marriage and a one of these gorgeous homes.  Then, I saw this guy...
Handsome and friendly, I imagined having him in bed, holding and keeping me warm on this snowy night.  He even shared all of my interests and tolerated everything else about me that he had no interest in.  My mind was a flurry of fantasy and longing.  What if I had stayed here and pursued a marriage and home instead of following my...  I'm not even gonna finish typing that.  I would be miserable.  I'd rather be alone, keeping warm with blankets & pillows, in an apartment in L.A. doing what I love, open to the chance of romance, rather than anywhere else. 
As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know that the seasons come & go and, sometimes, winter may seem longer and colder than it actually is, but when you follow your heart and dreams, there's always a stash of warmth in your happiness.  So, until I find "the One", I will ignore the "what ifs" and just frolic in the snow that falls my way
like the idiot I am.

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