Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Trials of Man Solo - If a tree is decorated in the forrest and no one sees it...

Earlier this year, I overheard this exchange between me and me immediately after I took down my Christmas tree;

Me:  Oh, Crap!  I wanted to take a picture!
Me: Why?
Me:  No one saw it.

I put up my Christmas tree today!  By golly, I swear someone besides me will see the dadburned thing this year!  Yes, this will encourage me to have more (any) interaction with folks! (Mostly guys. Mostly gay guys.)  So, even though I have nothing on the books I decorated my place a little.
I started with the tree.  I let my friend, Superman help...
(Don't worry, we don't actually talk to each other.  He's just a big toy.)

We hanged the ornaments with care.

I also put out my Holiday Dunnys...

and a few more vinyl toys

All in an effort to make my place a cozy, colorful, holiday home.
Heck, even my Broadway posters are holiday themed (Including the Broadway Bares one...)

Alas, these are the Trials of Man Solo; Sometimes all the decorating you do for holidays or special occasions is solely for oneself.  I do enjoy decorating for myself, because I deserve celebration just as much as anyone else.  But, it is nice to share the fun isn't it?  So, let's hope I'm not Too Busy For Love this season and get at least one, eligible man-suitor to see my tree!  

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