Wednesday, December 16, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Pump Up The Jams!

Meet my "boyfriend", Jammy!
That's not his real imaginary name,
that's just what I call him 
because when I met him,
he got me to model some pajamas for him.
He was working at the Paul Frank store, 
and I was looking for something fun to wear to a Christmas party.
There he was, all shirtless, Santa-capped & sexy
and he says, "try these".
He tossed me a pair of footie PJs
with a flap at the tush.
I gave him a lost puppy look and he said forcefully, 
"Do it."
So I stepped into the jammies
and stepped out for his inspection.
He was proud of his choice
and said there's a gift with purchase.
Not one to turn down a free gift, 
I purchased the jammies and peered into the bag for my gift.
There was nothing but the blue PJs.
He said, "you have to come to my place
in these to get your gift."
Five hours later,
I was at his place getting a plug
for the tush flap.
It was a great gift!

It wasn't 'til the next morning
that he revealed that my PJs 
were actually from the women's section,
thus the snug fit in places,
which is why he knew he'd like to see me in them.
Well played, Jammy!

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