Thursday, October 1, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - October Man

I have a silly game I play with my porno Colt Men calendar, which I keep in my closet, because really, where is an appropriate place in a gay man's apartment for ANY calendar?  Anyway, every first day of the month I excitedly flip the page to see what naked hunk I get to see for four weeks!  I'm not terribly picky, but once in a while, I'm slightly disappointed because the guy either looks too skanky or just plain boring, no matter how naked he is.  Since October is my birth month, I pretend that HE is the special man who is my imaginary boyfriend ALL MONTH LONG!  We go on pretend dates, eat pretend meals together, pretend snuggle and have pretend very satisfying sex together, but mostly he just helps me pick out a shirt to wear. Well, this morning I was very pleased that my boyfriend for a month is the delicious Brad Kalvo! (or some earlier version of him, I swear this photo is 10 years old or more, but it's all fanatsy anyway, right?  He's more daddylicious, now.)

This Is Why I Am Single, I keep a naked man calendar in my closet and pretend the models are my boyfriends... and I'm not ashamed!  Now, if you'll excuse us, Brad and I are off to a pretend iced pumpkin spice latte and scones date.

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