Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Tom's House

My birthday weekend continued
with a visit to the 
in Echo Park
on Sunday.

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I think it's important to remember 
all aspects of our history
and Tom of Finland certainly had an impact on our community!

I was pleased to find that muh DAB, 
City of West Hollywood Poet Laureate
was hosting
erotic poetry reading!

 Also reading their poetry were

 Ramon Garcia

and David Parke Epstein

I liked Steven's BEING 16 most.

 A little later, Jordan performed as Grace Jones


There were quite a few hotties around the house...

There were also some interesting sights around the house...

 There were also some friends selling their wares,

including photographer, Jeremy Lucido,

founder of 

As I left, I took another look around
to take in my surroundings
and embrace the sense of history
...and catch a glimpse of another cute artist!

Thanks, Tom of Finland!

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