Sunday, October 18, 2015

He Don't Even Know!- The Trinket King

This is my "Boyfriend", "George".
He's a sweetheart!
My favorite thing about him is that
he lets me know he's thinking of me
by grabbing a little something while he's out & about.
This particular day, 
he was thinking how I was his little monkey
and then he saw this,
so, he got it for me!
Better yet, when the place starts looking cluttered,
he'll tell me to clear out some of the stuff,
because he knows the real value is in the gesture
and not the item.
Of course, he doesn't know that I hide away
some of my most favorite trinkets from him.
I know that the item is not really the gift, 
but I'd be a nut to get rid of a hard to find Dunny!
He must have known how hard it is to find this when he got it for me, 
but he put a material value on it, 
as if it was as thirfty as the paper rooster 
he got off of a stack of promos!
He said the real worth was in my smile when I opened it.
I did smile, really big,
and I smile every time I see it.
...But I smile bigger when I see "George"

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