Monday, October 5, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - 48 & Nellie

Saturday I turned 48 and had a blast!

It started off with a surprise drink from my friends Rick & Jeffrey, who were sitting at another table.
Then the wait staff surprised me with a Tequilla shot.

That little glass looks more like three shots to me, but who am I to complain?

Then came my favorite part of the night...
remember that "Nomophobia" thing I have about getting people's name wrong,
well, Chico's Angels Hunk, Josh shows up, 
and I introduce him to the room as "Trevor"!
I didn't even realize until a few minutes later when he said, 
"Thanks for that..."
Maybe it was the triple tequilla shot.

Muh DAB, Dennis and I shared the celebration, 
which consisted of a few appetizers in a back room
chat & the Nellie Olesons after.

It was a nice crowd, 
take a look:

Yep, these are some of my friends.
They're all pretty cool, 
except for that Trevor, 
he's aloof.

 The wait staff surprised us with Flan & a song!

After, we headed downstairs to the 
who are literally
balls out

We shamelessly broke the 
no photos in the theater rule
(well before the show started)

After the show I was a nerd
and got a photo with each and every single one of the Nellies!

All in all 
it was a fun,
easy breezy, 
laugh outloud
good time birthday,
made even more special by sharing it with
muh DAB, Dennis Hensley! 

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