Friday, October 2, 2015

Too Busy For Love - Birthday Edition

I'd love to go to Cabo with you, but I can't!  I'm too busy with my birthday weekend!
I started the day off crafting Halloween Cards.
It was a fun, creative way to start the weekend and I'll show you a few of the more
blog friendly ones later.
Then, I went to the movies with one of muh DABs.
THE MARTIAN was a good pick.  I really enjoyed it, it was a good adventure movie and it made me forget all about the stupid stuff Matt Damon has been spouting lately. I would recommend it to a DAB.

Tomorrow, for my birthday, muh DAB, Dennis Hensley, whose birthday was on the 29th,  and I are hosting a few friends at the Casita Del Campo with some Mexi-Snacks & chat, followed by a walk downstairs to the basement, known as the Cavern Club Theater.  There, we'll watch The Nellie Olesons latest show.
I've been a fan for a long time and this is the first time they've performed together in a good number of years.

Sunday, I'm heading over to Tom of Finland's house, where he's hosting a some of his artist friends- some photographers, painters, sketchers, performers and such...
I plan to support my artist friends, so who knows what kind of art work I'll be bringing home.  ...or man.

So, thanks for the invite, but I can't, I'm too busy!!

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