Thursday, October 8, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Run Joe, Run

Meet "Joe".
My favorite thing about Joe
is that he is very green.
He will not drive anywhere that he can run.
Joe is always running!
Joe runs to the gym, 
to work, 
to the grocery store
and most importantly
to me!

I don't mind when he gets sweaty all over me,
he has a terribly sexy "sweat body".
I appreciate that the one time
I actually agreed to go prentend running with him,
that he stayed with me
all the way to the tenth block
where I simply petered out
and slowed to a staggered walk 
and walked in a small circle.
He kept going.
I thought he left me behind, 
but he was back in five minutes
with a cold bottle of water
he got at the 7-Eleven 
two blocks away.
He told me to rest while he finished up
and if I wanted to wait for him,
he'd carry me home
on the way back.

I did wait for him,
in the door way,
where I carried him over the threshold
and to the bathroom 
where we took a very long
HOT shower together.

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