Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Banksy On It!

One of the things I really enjoy doing is going on urban photo safaris!
I walk the streets with my camera with brilliant street art in my sites.  Sometimes I circle around and stop my car when I see something intriguing, or I'll just snap a eyeless aim wild pic while driving and hope it comes out.  I snapped the photo above in New York, with no clue that it was by Banksy.  Banksy is probably the best known name in street art and has reached a level of fame that is almost disappointing.

I don't seek out any artists in particular, I just enjoy scoping out and capturing the pieces before they get painted over, replaced or vandalized.
Sometimes when I visit New York, it's most of my Friday!

The idea of art, out in the open instead of up for sale in a hoity toity gallery really appeals to me.
I enjoy the political, as well as the whimsical.  Perhaps his ability to combine the two is what makes Banksy so notable. I do enjoy when I impress myself by correctly identifying a particular artist based on their style. (I guess Homo Riot isn't too hard to figure out..)  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hoity toity galleries and museums but I find the immediacy and unexpectedness of street art more impactful.

I truly admire artists who get elaborate and work with the environment and utilize existing images, or use incorporate stuff around their "canvas".

As a Gay Of A Certain Age, I've come to appreciate art beyond the frames and find inspiration in the images from artists with something to say and say it at no cost to the public.

Now I see something fabulous happening in England and I'd love to go see it!
Banksy has set up an outdoor exhibit featuring 50 artsists that looks like it would make my head explode.
I'm seriously considering going to DISMALAND.
Check it out HERE

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