Tuesday, August 18, 2015

He Don't Even Know - Community Theater Rocks!

This is "Patrick", 
I imagine we met after I saw him 
in a local production of 
Yes, I know, he's an actor
and actors shouldn't date other actors
no matter how pretend they are!

I couldn't help it!
You see, the show was a typical
micro budget production with recorded music
instead of live 
and costumes by
Out of the Closet, 
but he and the rest of the cast were
very, very , very good!
I think I fell in love with him at the end of the show
when the guys on stage
pull off their jocks and go
the full monty.
The night I was there, 
Patrick's jock didn't release when it was supposed to,
so he gave it another tug.
It unexpectedly flew out of his hand
and knocked out the free standing light
that was supposed blind the audience to
his full montiness.
No, it wasn't his full monty
(although, it was quite full)
it was the charming look on his face that flashed
from complete horror
to embarrassment
to "well, there it is"
to "Look at me!"
to "Are they gonna go to black out any time soon?"
He handled it like a pro.

I stayed after to say "hi" to  my stage manager friend,
and Patrick tried to slip out without 
making eye contact with anyone, 
but I had to tell him
how much I admired his
fabulous reaction to the flub.
He chuckled and then we stood there awkwardly
for a second 
then we both walked out of the lobby 
to Yogurtland.
After deciding neither of us thought 
the other was an asshole,
we went back to my place 
where I tried to imitate his face during that moment for him,
I didn't get it quite right until I actually
went Full Monty.
I'm method that way...

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