Sunday, August 2, 2015

Too Busy For Love - Busy, Not Hunkless

Today is our final day of shows until late August.  That means that I'll have  little time to myself to be social or just hang out on my couch editing photos from the last couple of weeks of rehearsal and performance.  Maybe I can go out with you... maybe.  Thanks for asking!
Don't worry, I haven't suffered these past few weeks, I got to share some quality rehearsal & performance time with two awesome hunks!  Sean (pictured above) and Josh.
They both played the hunk in our show, though Josh is our main hunk and Sean filled in for a night.
"Danny! Why don't you go for these guys?" I hear you ask optimistically.  I would, and they're both really swell, but they are also both straight.  So, while we shared laughs and they pretended not to notice me staring, we are not meant to be.  So, if I'm not editing photos, catching up on movies I haven't promised to anyone or catching up on sleep, I'd love to get a coffee or screw!

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  1. We attended the show on Saturday night, and you, Kay, and Chita were hysterical as always. Josh is quite the hunk, too, I must say.