Friday, August 7, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - The Accidental Friend Beard

Here I am with my friend Ray.  Aren't we a cute couple?  No.
I have great friends, some of which are DABs, and I enjoy spending time with them,
we don't have a problem showing affection for each other.  I'd say it's pretty great
and that's a problem.

This Is Why I Am Single; I have such a great time with my friends in public places that many times people think we are dating.  If a guy who would be perfect for me sees me happily attending a show or chomping lunch at Hugo's with the same friend time and again, he may dismiss me as unavailable.
That is very unfair, because I know when I see a guy I'm interested in, I walk right up to him and declare my intentions, no matter who he is with.  That's not at all true. I think our insecurities take over when we see someone we like and will use any factor as an excuse not to a approach.   Maybe we should start a new code, but instead of hankies, we use phone covers.  We could walk around with a red phone cover if we are single and available, a blue one if we're single and desperate, yellow if we're single but not emotionally available, a green phone cover if we're just easy regardless of relationship status, red with green stripes if we're single with good credit, green with black spots if were LTR material but will fuck Channing Tatum if he asked...

I don't know, there's gotta be a way to have a great time with friends without worrying that I'm discouraging a potential suitor.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Until then, I will be enjoying uninhibited good times with muh buds.

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