Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Gay Of A Certain Age - Warm Memories

As A Gay Of A Certain Age, I'm allowed to decorate my home as I wish,
without having to consult the taste of a live-in love.  I'm also allowed to fill my closet with as many
clothes as I wish, fashionable or not.  Unfortunately, there comes a time when you may realize
that you have too many clothes in your closet and some of them you haven't worn for years.
I mean, YEARS.  What to do?  Sure you can sell some to used clothing retailers, who are likely to give you more judging looks than cash or you can just give them away to a charity clothing store (I recommend Out of the Closet).  Some clothes are easy to get rid of, while others have an inexplicable emotional value.  Could I possibly give away a t-shirt from my first visit to Broadway in 1992?  Who would want t-shirts from my days at the Union Dinner Theatre, 20 years ago?  I worked hard for my Aerosmith local crew tee!   Yes, I could need therapy after clearing out some old clothes...

Fortunately, muh DAB, Dennis Hensley, introduced me to Project Repat!  This is a company, where you send in your favorite tee shirts, which you can't wear anymore because you're too fat, or they're damaged, or they have those awful yellow deodorant stains in the arm pit, or they just won't survive another wearing... in any case, they take the tees and make them into a nice, soft quilt!
I really enjoy mine very much!  I recently took it to a screening of XANADU in a cemetery and bought a t-shirt there that I'm sure will go into my next quilt!

Also, this company employs Americans!  It's called Project Repat because they are repatriating jobs!
It's a can't lose all the way around.  I highly recommend it, especially for you guys with all the Judas Priest and Def Leppard tees from happy days (and probably current ones) at the El Paso County Coliseum, where it seems there was at least two heavy metal bands every weekend!
Repat & Rock On!!

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