Tuesday, August 11, 2015

He Don't Even Know - Harder Than A Matador Coercing A Bull

This is that time I imagine I went to the beach 
with "Gus".
The amazing thing about that is that "Gus" got me there!
I am such a home body
that I'd rather stay in watching
again, than go out into the sun.
Many a lesser man has failed to get me out of the house 
and they either gave up and left
or stayed and withered into small dust bunnies
that my maid is afraid to touch.

"Gus" has succeeded in a way that is marvelous.
I try to resist, but I can't
when he grabs my head
holds me still
looks into my eyes and says,
"We're going"
(then the kill)
and smiles.
The combination of his eyes, voice smile
and little tingle sparks on the sides of my head
tell me that I must be where he is.

So, there's the beach
swap meets,
baseball games!

My favorite thing is when I do it to him
and he pretends to go along
and follows me to bed.

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