Friday, July 31, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - To Thine Own Self Be Ewww

I'm hoping to start a new hashtag trend on the social medias called #SelflessFriday.
So, on every Friday we do not "like" or "heart" a selfie pic.  Listen, I love hot guys, but I need a rest from all the hot guys who love themselves!  I understand the whole promotion thing and the importance of getting likes & followers, but I can't take much more of the Instagram accounts that are 365 selfies.  Worse are the 365 accounts, all selfie, all same (lack of) expression.  Please, show us you have at least one other interest.  I no longer become a follower of those accounts and I'm slowly unfollowing the ones I have now... it's difficult because they are hot.  Maybe if we refuse to like or heart those pics on a certain day of the week, they'll get the hint and post other things, like puppy pix, breakfast shots or another hot guy.  ANYTHING, BUT A SELFIE!

This is why I am single; if I saw that someone I was interested in or, >gasp<, was interested in me, had nothing but selfies on their account, I would not, for a second, entertain the thought of embarking on a relationship with this person.  Reason number 1 is obvious: they have no interests other than themselves and I ain't gonna even bother trying to crack that shell. Two: they display an amazing lack of imagination.  I need someone who thinks outside of the Lightbox to keep me company and engaged.  These guys with all self-shots in the bathroom mirror can't think to make their feed slightly more interesting by using a mirror in another room? Or at least changing the towels?  Three:  I can imagine how difficult it's going to be spending all day with them, trying to fill their validation hole when (if) they are away from their ego-device.  Now, I'm not saying all hot guys who take selfies (a lot) are entirely narcissistic egomaniacs, I'm just saying, it'd be nice if they took a little break and focused on something else for a day. I'm still good with pics of hot guys 6 days a week!

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