Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Legend In My Own Timer

One of the aspects of being single is learning to do things on your own.
 I love my camera(s) and I am ever grateful for self-timers!  I travel alone very often and I place myself in the way of fabulousness all the time and it is very important for me to get a picture of myself in that fabulous place!
It's almost a sport, setting the timer and getting yourself in place, then after the camera has clicked seeing if you got yourself in the right place, checking if you're in focus along with your surroundings or if you're making the face you think you're making.  I usually refuse the well meaning, "Do you want me to take the picture for you?", because, really, where's the fun?
The only thing I ask of people is to be aware of their surroundings - and if they see a camera all by itself, balanced precariously on a fence or the edge of a fountain, with a little light blinking on it with increasing speed DON'T STAND IN FRONT OF IT!  ...and certainly, don't pick it up!
In the shot above, which we'll call Bryant Park Fail, the idiot reaching for my camera didn't get away with a new toy and I was very annoyed, but more, I was amused with myself and the situation.  When you're alone, sometimes it's those awkward interactions that make your day.

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