Monday, March 9, 2015

FU Cupid

Like I said, I haven't given up on love.
Actually, the only event I hold in my home every year is CRAFT NIGHT.
Every year, usually in January, I invite friends over for crafting Valentine's Day cards and cocktails.  I put out a spread that would make Martha Stewart green with envy, then green with nausea as she studied the materials that are available.  There's construction paper, glitter, stickers galore, colorful popsicle sticks, abandoned boa scraps, random feathers, vintage V-Day cards, superhero schoolhouse valentines, post cards, magazine cut outs, pornographic magazines for cutting out and a random red alcoholic concoction that strikes my fancy two hours before folks arrive.
It's always a fun time, where two or three different circles of friends, meet or play catch up. The food is usually from Daphne's Greek Cafe, 'cause that's what the kids like and it's vegan-friendly.  The cards created vary from sweetheart, mom-ready to "oh no you di'n't", pornographic.  I tend to make both kinds.  Of course, I make the cards and have no one to give them to.  That's not the point!  It is a night to celebrate the love of friends and companions and cherry cream soda mixed with prosecco.
It takes a few hours to set up and a few days to take down... I like to craft a few here and there as ideas hit me throughout the week, leaving me the following Friday or Saturday to dedicate to cleaning up.  It's always worth the effort!

So, I present a few of my more ironic, or down right anti, Valentine's Day Cards for your viewing endurement.
' Cause I ain't fucking nothing else!

Goodbye, love Kitty


Finally, the card that inspired this blog...