Monday, March 2, 2015

Too Busy For Love!

When I say I've made myself too busy for love, I mean it!
My dear, caring friends always say, "Why don't you, at least, get a dog?"
Let me start by saying I love dogs!  I love animals in general, but dogs are special because we are on the same wavelength- I don't know if they're as smart as me or I'm as dumb as they are.

(Don't start on a "dogs aren't dumb" rant because I mean it in the most loving way possible and don't tell me you've never seen a dog get his head stuck in a dryer vent!)

Anyway, I love dogs, and it is that love that prevents me from get one... for now.
I have a regular work schedule M-F, but my after work and weekend hours are so irregular and "at a whim" that I don't think it would be fair to inflict that irregularity on a dog.  I know they need stability and a framework of structure.  Fortunately, I know a lot of people who have dogs, who also know I am more responsible than I am coming across here and let me dog sit for them!  I can adjust my schedule  & events around dogs for a short time- It doesn't kill me to miss an impromptu meal after a show once in awhile.  So, while people enjoy their time away from their pets, knowing they're okay, I get my sweet pup loving for a little bit and the dogs get more love than they can stand!  Then, I give them back, free to flit about on a whim, once again.

If I can barely muster the time to be with a being I know for certain I love unconditionally, how can I possibly think I can make time for a boyfriend???
I know, when I find the one I'm really interested in, the time makes itself.
Until that happens, maybe I should start a boyfriend sitting service.

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