Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gay Of A Certain Age - Chica In Pains

After thirteen years of dressing up in 7 inch heels and jumping around on stage like some kind of hooker monkey, a 5 show weekend is starting to kick my butt!  Just getting through a week of full time work during the day and full length show in drag at night is almost all I can do!
As A Gay Of A Certain Age, I've come to a point where a massage is no longer a nicety, but a necessity!  I'm not talking a nice cumber water followed by a little relaxation rub, I'm talking about a deep tissue carving that would make Dwayne Johnson cry!  My upper body is taxed at my desk all day, while my legs get a beating in very high heels and choreography that includes fights and running backwards.

Previously, I'd been getting a massage about once every three months, as a (needed) treat.  I have a short list of favorites because I have limited time, if an evening is suddenly open for a massage, I go with who responds first.  Yes, I have a team of masseurs at my beck and call and they never let me down.  Then again, my short list is so short that sometimes I end up with neither of them.  If I'm aching badly enough, I'll try someone new- once in awhile it just leaves me aching more, since some turn out to be nothing more than a too careful sex ad.  I ain't no saint, but I want a massage, not a quick rub and tug.  If I'm gonna pay for sex, it's gonna be with a well vetted porn star of my choosing!
Anyway, I'm just saying, when you get older, some things aren't luxuries anymore and if you're not married to, or dating a masseur who likes to practice, you're gonna have to pony up to feel loose again.  So, save up now for your necessary massages, so you can still afford the fancy 7 inch heels!

If you wanna see the show that's wearing & tearing me up,
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