Saturday, July 18, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Miami Surprise

This is "Jay"!
"Jay" is gay!
We got this shirt when he surprised me with a trip to Miami!
He told me to pack for a weekend in Santa Barbara,
but when we went to LAX instead of North on the 101
I knew something was up!
Of course, he knew everything in my suitcase
wasn't appropriate for Miami,
so he prepared for a nice shopping trip.
We got this shirt because I made some crack 
about not fitting in on South Beach.
"Do I look gay enough?" I joked.

While shopping was fun, 
the better time was back at the Edison
where we tried stuff on,
and more importantly, 
where we made out like crazy
in between outfits.
Pretty soon, 
clothes were the last thing we had on
our minds.
I don't think I saw much of South Beach...

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