Tuesday, July 28, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Boop Yourself!

I adore "Ricardo" so much, 
especially because I imagine he's very patient with me
and not only puts up with my off-center antics, 
but also plays along!

Something that I'm sure annoys my friends 
and cute animals I know
is when I take my finger, 
place it on their nose
and say,

Ricardo is so cute, 
he doesn't flinch or say, "stop".
Sometimes he'll grab my finger and keep it there,
saying I've been caught in the "Boopinator".
Now he's taken to booping himself
before I can get a chance.
I still try to, 
then it usually turns into 
playful wrestling
where I end up at his mercy
and have no say in where he puts his finger...

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