Wednesday, July 15, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - Blockbusters & Heart Breakers

T'is the season, so I'm sure I'm not the only casualty.  It's the time of year when I regularly fall victim to more than one friend's betrayal.  I let myself get set up and I am usually surprised by the disappointment.  Summer has become a time of blockbusters and heart breakers.  It's when all the exciting movies come out and everyone starts chalking up the list of their must sees and whom they must see them with.   Some have their horror friends, others have their RomCom friends and very few have their Sandler friends (I have none of those).  Unfortunately, despite their excitement for the perfect movie/friend pairing, something sinister tends to happen.  This year, the most notable occurrence came when a friend said the dreaded words, "Let's see JURASSIC WORLD together.  Save it for me and we'll see it when I get back in town.  Promise me!"  So I promised.  I even rebuffed the advances of another friend who offered a free screening of the dino pic.  "No, " I said wringing all the martyrdom I could out of the word, "I'm saving that viewing for Unidentified Friend, but, thank you."  Then, a mere hour after the free screening started I got the phone call, "Yeah, sorry. I really had to see it with my brother. There were no other choices.  We couldn't have gone to the Pinball Hall of Fame, zip lining, a casino, shopping mall, a whorehouse or coffee for a good brotherly talk, we HAD to go see it. Sowwy."

I fall for it every time!  It got to the point where, two years ago, I attempted the Summer Of No Saving.  I saved no movie for anyone!  I watched movies as they came, as I pleased, with no guilt!  Then, I got worn down again and there I was, sitting in the theatre on the first showing of Sunday morning, with only two other people in the theater.  I was waiting for the exciting previews of up coming movies when I remembered that I LOVE coming to the movies alone!  I love to sit and become engrossed in whatever I'm watching.  When I'm alone, I don't have to worry about someone talking to me during the movie, or feeling like I have to pretend I don't see them when they look over at me to see how I'm reacting.  I don't have to worry if they are hating something I'm really enjoying.  I can have the tub of caramel corn all to myself (at Arclight only)!  I can stay for the entire roll of credits without worrying that someone else has somewhere to be or is just bored.  I can cry if I want! Best of all, I can flirt with the usher to my cock's content!  I usually go to the first showing of the day because I am so terribly busy, sometimes I forego a movie if it starts too late in the morning and I feel it would cut my day in half.  I can decide on a whim whether or not I'm going because I don't have to consult anyone else!

This Is Why I Am Single; because in a world where there are silver screens, silence is golden!
Don't get me wrong, I really love group movie day and the company of a friend is always enjoyed, but there are few things I enjoy doing alone, other than going to the movies.

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