Wednesday, July 22, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Resistance Is Futile

I love "Emilio" so much!
He's a real pretend caretaker, you know?
Certainly, when I think of my ideal relationship
it entails a great deal of retained independence.
What I love about "Emmi", 
is that he finds the perfect way
to be kind without infringing on my feelings of independence.
It's little things and gestures
that show his appreciation and caring.
Like getting me a lemonade on a hot day
or giving me a nice back rub after a show.
What I've learned from him
is that the best thing I do for him is
allow him to do it.
All he seems to want back is no resistance
and a nice "thank you".
Of course my "thank yous" involve
a kiss or more.
The best thing he can do, then,  is not resist and
let me thank more...

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