Monday, July 13, 2015

The Trials of Man Solo - If It Could Happen To Lucy...

Once again, I'm thinking in literal terms of the name of my blog.  I pass by a number of homeless folk as I walk to & from work.  Most of them are clearly victims of their various addictions.  It seems that they'll all be around and little by little, they'll disappear until one day at the end of the month, they all reappear.  I assume that has something to do with the shelter system and funding, which leads to a release into the wilds of West Hollywood.  Sometimes I wonder about their lives prior to being in their present situation and how close am I to becoming one of them.
Sure, right now I have a good, steady job and a great group of friends.  I don't do drugs and I rarely enjoy the hooch anymore.  What if I did something really stupid and lost my job?  How long would I last on my limited savings?  How long would I rely on the kindness of friends before I felt like a burden?  What would it take to get me out on the street, to where I leave shelter, or felt I had no where to go?  If I wasn't insane when I decided to take on the street, would I be out so long that it would drive me insane?  How long could I keep track of my limited belongings?  What would be of value to me as a possession?  Would I hold on to practical things or things with sentimental value? Would I keep a few Dunnys rather than a few cans of tuna?

Actually, it is very hard for me to imagine the situation that would take me away from my job, family and  friends - maybe it's an illness.  Maybe I can't work and none of my friends is able to care for me and my family is far away (Is Texas far from California?)   Anyway, such are the Trials of Man Solo; wondering how he would survive without that promise from someone that they'll stay by his side until death do them part, should something catastrophic occur.  It would be nice to have that little added feeling of security, knowing he's not in alone, that there's someone between the street and him.
My feeling is that there's no guarantee that they'd stay if things go that bad, but at least there would be a chance.  So, until I find my loving Street Buffer, I will try not to do anything stupid to lose my job, I'll try not to be a miserable grump and alienate my friends & family, I'll try to stay healthy and I will always keep the thought of Lucille Ball in STONE PILLOW in my mind to remind me that even pretend homelessness is awful.

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