Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Too Busy For Love -Taco Angel Horse

Yep, it's happening still,
Drag Season is dragging on into July, so I can't join you at the local lake for
a fancy fireworks display.  You see, I'm rehearsing for two shows at once.
First up is TACO KISSES
on July 3.  I'm doing three quick numbers as Frieda Laye with Chita Parol, who 
has choreographed a little something for me to stumble to.  Maybe if we weren't performing the same moves simultaneously, it wouldn't be so obvious when I mess up.  Yeah, I'm fairly certain I'm gonna mess up.  

Then I'm gearing up for SADDLE UP
On July 11.  This is a fundraiser for LIFE GROUP L.A. and I will be attending as Reba Areba. I'm looking forward to performing, but I'm more looking forward to enjoying some BBQ!  I hope I'm not expected to ride a horse... Reba has a donkey, and she wouldn't want him getting jealous.

It all leads up to the July 16th opening of Chico's Angels' summer run
of CHICAS IN CHAINS.  So, for five weeks, I'll be cha cha heeling the boards during the most fun hours of the week.  That means I can't go see all the great movies opening, or shows touring or great parties.  Thanks for asking, though!

If you wanna see any of these shows, or go hoseback riding & enjoy BBQ, you can get tickets here:

The first two Saturday nights are sold out... so don't be waiting, buy these tix soon!

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