Friday, July 17, 2015

Gay Of A Certain Age - Family Plot

My Ma is in town!!  She came to see me in the show that's keeping me very busy,
It was a delight to have my Ma in town for lunches, and such, but the real treat was seeing her after the show.  She was so proud of her son in a dress.

I was also delighted by how other cast members, like Natalie Lander, Shelley Hennig and the other Angels, were gracious and kind with my Ma & my sister, Julie & her husband, Charlie.

After the show we were enjoying some flautas and flan when, before we knew it, we were discussing family business, such as burial plots.  My siblings had decided a little while back, based on options presented to my mother, that I would share a plot with my mother, since they went with the option of one full casket and two cremations.  One would be my older brother, who is currently divorced & single and myself, who is currently dying alone.

As a Gay of a Certain Age, the time to commit to a final resting place has come.  I have always intended to be cremated, so they chose right on that one.  To be honest, I always imagined that my ashes would be taken by a friend and "accidentally" spilled on my favorite porn star, Chris Rockway.
Don't scoff, I know several people who can make that happen!
So when I told my Ma about this plan she said, "That's not allowed!"  I didn't ask if she meant the releasing of my ashes into open air or the gay porn star thing...
So, it looks like I will be spending eternity with my Ma and older brother.  
I just hope that his urn doesn't kick mine when it snores.  When we were older teens, we shared bunk beds for a short time.  It was a very short time.

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