Saturday, July 11, 2015

Too Busy For Love! - BBQ Wings!

Golly Gosh!  I'd love to go to that gay film festival with you, but I can't!
You see, right now I should be writing my material and practicing my songs for a performance as Reba Areba tonight at SADDLE UP L.A.!
Actually, that should have happened earlier this week, but I've been so busy!
And there will be actual performer/entertainers there, so people will know... you know?

I know that gay actor who's in all the gay movies is going to be there, but I can't go tomorrow either, because we're going full steam on rehearsals every night and open on Thursday!

I'll be playing Frieda Laye, again, in this five week run.  I'm thrilled we got a nice hunk, a funny detective and a neato guest-star to join us this time around...
Maybe I can do something in August...

Meanwhile, if you wanna catch the show get TIX <----click that!

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