Friday, July 3, 2015

He Don't Even Know - Can That Boy Fox Trot

I love "Edgar" so much!
Edgar is a dancer
and I literally imagine he caught my eye
when I went to see my good friend
in a bad show.
The performances we pretty good, 
but the show was so badly put together
you could see embarrassment
in everybody's eyes on stage.
Except in Edgar's!
He didn't have any lines
and didn't sing a note,
but he was dancing like he was on the biggest 
stage on Broadway.
While the other dancers on stage gave just enough,
Edgar was selling his moves
as if there were a multimillion dollar bidding war for them on eBay!

After the show,
as I was congratulating/consoling my friend,
Edgar passed by and I said,
"you were great!"
and it came out like I really really meant it
(which I did)
which was more than I meant to reveal.
Edgar smiled shyly and said,
"Thanks.  I like your stuff, too."
I was thrown off and got all shaky,
and gave what I'll assume was a shy smile and said thanks.
I never imagined he'd seen me do anything.
"You're funny," he continued.
"Aww, well, that's easy, I could never dance like you,"
I countered.
"Sure you could.  I'll show you."

Edgar took me back to his place where we shared a late drink
and he showed me moves
I'd never seen before.
He taught me I had a rhythm I never knew I had.
It was so exciting,
even though we never got around to dancing!

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