Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age- There's a site for that?

When I made it a goal to actually leave my home,
part of that was in hopes in meeting folks.
I was at a pool party when I met Tony Davis.
It was a brief moment, but we enjoyed the spirit of the spirited event.
I have a super cute pic of us at the pool party, but that may not be appropriate for this post, so I stole this pic off of his Facebook page.

I've seen him around here and there, and I appreciate a good, hearty "Hello",
which Tony is good with.
We don't know each other that well, but we learn from reading each other's writings.
I want you to know him more, too.
I'm reluctantly posting this essay from him for you to enjoy.
I say reluctantly, because I worry you'll get so much from it, that you won't return to me.
So, visit this site about Gay Life After 40 and read his essay,
but come back - don't learn too much!

You can read it by clicking HERE

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  1. Well color me flattered! Yes, we were in the spirit of things at the pool party, and it is nice to get to "know" you more by reading your writing. I don't think you need to worry about your readers deflecting to my site, since we offer different "programming". Thank you for your words and your sharing of mine, Danny. And for your discretion! (Let them wonder...)