Tuesday, April 28, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Kerry on my Way Hot Son!

Say "Hello" to "Kerry"!
I pretend that we go skateboarding
around West Hollywood
and that we flirts shamelessly with everyone
we pass as they stare
at his shirtless glory.
I don't mind because I am very secure in our 
pretend love.

On this particular day, 
after a surprisingly hot April outing, 
a tripped out, long haired tourist made some crack to Kerry
about being you and stupid.
It all turned in to some crazy
Name That Tune contest
where Kerry surprised us all and sang
every word of Kansas'

Then, Kerry challenged
our Long Haired opponent to 
Don't Look Back.
The tourist jumped immediately to the chorus,
go two thirds of the way and quit.
He gave an exaggerated bow
in acquiescence,
and gave a sheepish smile of defeat.
Kerry took him into a big victory hug
and spun him around.
Then we got on our skateboards
and rode away singing
Don't Look Back in
imperfect harmony
as we headed to Yogurt Stop.

That Night, 
still excited about his vocal victory,
Kerry took me to the
Point Of No Return.

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