Friday, April 10, 2015

He Don't Even Know - I See Your Tattoo Colors

This is my "boyfriend", Derek.
We have a lot of imaginary fun together!
While our absolute favorite activity is 
rescuing Chihuahua puppies,
a good amount of our playtime
is spent in the kitchen.
Here you can see Derek texting me:

"Hey, Fkr, i hop ur feeling Mondriany.
I got yur colors!
C U soon, Saylr Moon"

Derek likes to get totally naked
 and let me color his tattoos
with these delicious markers
then eat him.
Since I have no tattoos, 
when it's his turn
he has free reign.
My favorite tasty tattoo that he put on me
was a dead-on perfect portrait of Golda Meir on my chest.
(It was supposed to be Henry Kissinger, 
but a slip of the wrist after giggling
put longer hair into play).

My favorite flavored tattoo
to lick on him
is the chocolate starfish!

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