Sunday, April 26, 2015

This is Why I am Single - Friday night 9:00 PM

It's Friday night at 9:00 PM, I'm wide awake, having a drink & a good time and
I am at home, alone.  This is why I'm single!  Instead of going out, perchance to meet someone,
I am in my colorful living room, watching LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (the original Ikean version), and I am fine.  I don't feel like I'm missing anything.  Maybe after I finish putzing around and finally get into bed, I might wish there was a warm body next to me (because the thought of the cold little vampire girl lying next to me ain't gonna keep me cozy), but overall, I'm content with that evening.

Going out on a weekend without a plan has become somewhat of a chore.
Even when a friend calls with a last minute event or a dinner invite, I take a   l o n g   pause
and actually consider if staying home catching up with PERSON OF INTEREST would be better.

In actuality, if I go out, I usually end up enjoying myself, and once in a great while,
meet someone nice or kind of into me.
I have no idea what it is, beyond spending so much time away from home at work and then rushing off to rehearsals or performances or evening meetings,
that I feel like I just want to center myself by being home.  I like my space.
Sometimes, I'd like to share my space with some like-minded individual or even just nice neked romp.  But I guess I gotta leave to find someone to share it with.
I'm like a super-lazy spider, who enjoys his web so much, he does nothing to get man-flies in it.
I can see me, sitting in my web chair, spewing silk strings while watching Daniel Craig
beat up bad guys, ignoring all the man-flies as they whiz by, all the while being grateful that, if I don't catch a man-fly that, at least, I have eight hands.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying my own company in comfortable surroundings,
but I guess I'd better take on the chore of going out to socialize (at least one night of the weekend) if I want to have that space in my web warmed by more than an overheated remote control. ...and someone else to enjoy my silk strings.

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