Tuesday, April 7, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - All that Chaz

Say Hello, to my "boyfriend", 
whom I think is a Chaz.
Chaz is very silly and loves a good laugh, 
I imagine, one time, 
that we were at an electrician friend's 
Welcome Home From Narnia party
when this very annoyingly flirty 
and drunk set decorator guy
was shamelessly throwing himself at Chaz.
I didn't feel threatened at all, 
mostly because Chaz never gives me any reason to fret.
The set decorator made it clear that he had designs on Chaz's crotch.
I turned to Chaz and said, "Go ahead, show him your nuts."
Set decorator's eyes widened with anticipation.
Chaz promptly stuck his fingers in his own ears
and twisted them as he stuck his tongue out
and crossed his eyes.
I did a spit take on Set Decorator,
and yelled, "You're nuts!"
Set Decorator was turned off on so many levels.
Chaz took his fingers out of his ears, 
but left his tongue out as he licked the tip of my nose
and pulled me into a hug.
We never did see that Narnia movie...

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