Thursday, April 2, 2015

Too Busy For Love! - Chico's Angels Easter

I would love to go out with you,
thank you for asking, 
but I'm just too busy!

I couldn't even possibly think about a date, 
what with rehearsing and performing 
in CHICO'S ANGELS this week until Sunday.
We're doing 7 shows in 5 days all of which are sold out,
and I don't know how I'm going to do my full time job in the day,
 then rush to the theater to do the show right after!

Of course...
seeing this guy all through it helps...
(Even though he, Duke Shoman, cut off two of my lines & gags last night!)

Also, there's always the hope of snagging some nice, hot
"Stage Door Johnny" with LTR potential after the show...

But how can I be sure he's into me, the person, Danny,

and not my not-clownish-at-all, glamorous and notably trampy character, Frieda Laye?
I guess the ideal is take 'em all and sort 'em out later!

Let's be honest folks, at this point,
 I'll take any kind of attention that comes my way.
Well, not that Kardashian type of attention.
Come to think of it, there are so many different kinds of attention, 
I'd explain them all to you, 
but I'm too busy!

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  1. You think YOU are busy?? You got nothing on Busy Drag Queen!