Saturday, April 18, 2015

He Don't Even Know - Officer Pete

Hello, Officer!
This is my "boyfriend", "Pete".
We met as I was coming out of the Broadway Musical,
a while back.
There was a large crowd in a hurry to get out
of the theater
and they shoved me right into him.
I got very afraid of the angry look he gave me 
as he grabbed me by the arms.
Then, there was a strange pause and he said,
"I'm taking you in."

I was relieved to learn that "in" was his apartment.
He was just off duty and walking home when everyone
escaping Spider-Man made us meet with excessive force.
He quickly got out of his uniform, 
then gave me a playful strip search, 
"You never know where people will hide dangerous Raisinets."

He accused me of liking musicals too much, 
then said he was going to give me a punishment to fit the crime.
He sat me down on his sofa,
and held me tight, 
making me watch 
on YouTube.
I loved the way he held me down.
 Since then, he's sworn to protect and service me, 
and I promised to always let him keep the piece. 

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