Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age- Drinko de Mayo

If I don't have a rehearsal, performance or meeting,
you can bet I'll be at Marix, in West Hollywood on Cinco de Mayo,
laughing with friends, trying not to get trampled and avoiding the weirdo in
the luchador mask.  Last night was no exception.  I made the three minute by foot trek
from work to Marix and ordered my first Margarita.

As a Gay of a Certain Age, it occurred to me, half way through my first margarita,
that I was getting what the kids call, "a buzz".  I didn't even order a "kick ass" margarita and already
I was getting the tingles.  In my day, I could have, at least, two full Margaritas before feeling the effects.  Maybe my switch to Campari & Soda as my usual drink, has made me a little weak.
In any case, I went on Drunk Alert- this appears to be a new feature in my Age Powers, because I don't think I used to do this a while back.  I ordered a glass of water and two chicken tacos, STAT!
When I was younger, my biggest mistake was drinking on an empty stomach.  By the time I finished
my first drink, the water and tacos had arrived.  I  ordered another pitcher for the group and started my second Margy.

I'm proud to say that I kept my wits about me and my behavior was appropriate for the
environment.  Of course, I alienated 3 guys I'd never met before, but I do that when I'm sober!
About three hours in, my friends and I retreated to Basix, where I enjoyed an apple cobb salad
& tea, whilst my friends enjoyed some burgers.  Then we all got up and one of them said,
"Alright, now on to Micky's!"   I must say, I'm usually one who's up for hot stripper mens in
Sombreros, felt mustaches and G-Strings, but my first thought was, "Golly, it's almost ten, I need to get home."  So, the three blocks between Basix and my home, I had to fight off the siren calls
of my friends & stripper mens.  I really enjoy my friends and I really wanted to want to go, but my inner Gay Old Man said, "Git to yer home, feller!"  So I reluctantly peeled away and headed home.
I was exhausted and proud of myself, that I didn't let me fall into some of the old traps.

Boy Howdy, I sure was glad I didn't go with the guys because when I got home,
it was all I could do to tinkle in the terlet room, then fall in a heap in the living room "for just a second."  Forty minutes later I woke up, still on the floor, my head spinning like I was drunk!
I drank a full glass of water and took myself to bed.  I woke up at 4:00 am, a little buzzed, worried that I'd still feel like that "in the morning", fell back to sleep, then woke up with the alarm as usual
feeling just fine.  I may have kept myself in check, but I definitely know now, that I can't drink like I used to and three margaritas are gonna kick my ass.

Here are things that happened:

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